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Dear Friends,

Circle of Love Community Outreach is excited to invite you to our community awareness event! This event will be held on Saturday, April 18th, 2015, at the Ajax Public Library. Please allow us to tell you our story, and what we intend to do in the GTA.


Our President’s name is Jean Henry, and she has a counselling practice in Durham and the GTA. She has lived in Durham for the last 23 years, and specifically Whitby for the past 13 years. Jean immigrated to this country and worked very hard to earn her Ph. D in counselling and she also became an ordained Minister while raising a family of 4 children, so she can appreciate the challenges of getting established and achieving success in Canada. Due to the passion that Jean has for our community & hurting people, she branched out her practice with a charitable organization, called Circle of Love Community Outreach (COLCO) registered with Canada Revenue Agency in 2012.


Having spent the last 6 years feeding the homeless downtown on a monthly basis & helping impoverished families, this year COLCO would like to commence new programs in the Durham community. We plan to provide various social alternatives for at-risk youth, including drop-in athletics, visual and musical art related activities and provide an after school meal program for underprivileged youth, expanding our programs as necessary. We intend to help improve the behavioral patterns of these at-risk youth by creating stable environments for them to socialize and learn in and by helping them develop goals and complete character building exercises, we expect that these youth will be able to graduate from high school and apply to colleges or university to make a positive impact in our society. For the youth that excel in the program, we intend to accelerate their development by including them in other COLCO ventures such as building student mentors/leaders to connect with the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, to further develop their leadership skills.  We expect that the   students that we work with will have a positive impact in their schools, families, and society.


COLCO is committed to building stronger families, and a stronger community.

We have had extensive experience working with mentally & physically disabled children, and although they are not the prototypical student we are looking to aid, their involvement in the program is crucial to our success. We want our students to work and socialize with all types of people in an effort to develop stronger leaders. We intend to focus our efforts to create the most inclusive and all-encompassing program possible.


Please join us on April 18th, 2015, at the Ajax public library at 55 Hardwood Ave S at 6:30 pm, for an evening of dining and music, where we will share more details of the COLCO plan. You can R.S.V.P. by March 25th on the Punchbowl e-invitation that you will receive separately within a few days.  Attendance is free, however a donation of your choice would be greatly appreciated. Although the site is currently under maintenance, for more information on the founder, and the type of work and fundraising we do, please feel free to visit

Thank you,

The COLCO Fundraising Team

Fresh Start for 2015



“Put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind. Put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.”– Eph  4:22-24a

“Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.”– Ro 13:14.

WE CAN all start afresh! However far we have ascended, there is something higher; and however far we have fallen, it is always possible to make a fresh start. We need to take our place in the School of Christ and be taught by Him (Eph  4:20-21).

“The old man” which we must “put off” is clearly our former manner of life. If we have not put it entirely away, let us do so now by an immediate act of faith in the living Spirit. It does not take long for a beggar to put off his rags and take instead a new suit of clothes, and it need not take a moment longer to put away habits and thoughts, ways of speech and life which are unworthy of the children of God. Do it now, and look up to the Holy Spirit to keep renewing you in the spirit of your mind.

But more than this, let us “put on the new man,” which is the life of Jesus Christ, that ideal which is in the likeness of God, and which the Lord created for us by His blessed life and death and resurrection. But to enable us to live this life we need the daily help of the Holy Spirit. He entered our hearts at the moment of regeneration, and has been with us ever since. We may not have realised His entry, but we believe it because of the assurance of 1Co  6:19Rom  8:9Eph  3:16. For my part, I like to begin every day, before lifting my head from the pillow, by saying, “Thou art within, O Spirit of Christ, though I feel Thee not.”

If the Holy Spirit be ungrieved He will witness to our sonship; He will enthrone Christ as King of our life; will keep the self-life in the place of death; will give us a hunger for the things of God; He will give power in witness-bearing. In order to have a strong and blessed Christian experience, the one thing is to see that we do not grieve the Spirit. I do not think that we can grieve Him away, but we may greatly limit and restrain His gracious work by insincerity of speech, the nursing of an unforgiving spirit, any kind of over-reaching or fraudulent dealing, impurity of speech, or failure in love. We may be bound, so as not to be able to move our arms, by a number of cotton threads, quite as tightly as by a strong rope-thong. Let us take care not to grieve Him by such inconsistencies.


Fulfil in me, O God, those desires of goodness which Thou hast created in my heart, and perfect the work of faith, that Jesus Christ may be glorified in me. AMEN.


From: FB Meyers “Our Daily Walk”

The Essence of Marriage Pt.1

LOVE IS AN ACTION Word.  Love requires action, effort, activity, work. LOVE requires continual effort in order to keep the vision called LOVE alive. LOVE requires that those who are its obedient adherents obey its laws.  LOVE is its own Law!!!

Marriage in its simplest form is a man and a woman coming together to make the vow of commitment to True Intimacy.  The heart of the male crying out for the answer of the Female response to the satisfaction of the matters of the soul and the heart and the Life… The continuation and the productivity of the longevity of GOD’S intention FOR LOVE!

Circle of Love and Trust


What is a Family….

A Family is a group of people who share a common life. A family is made up of connected energies, shared experiences, and underlining love. A family often share physical similarity or more generally, similar features. A family cannot be simply a group of people who co-habit a similar space, but rather Family is a group of people who have a shared respect for each others’ space. Family help each other without question, Family understand each others’ problems, Family is a place of love and strength. Family

Laughter in Marriage

Have you and your spouse ever found something to be funny and you reach a point where you feed off each other ?

Dream to Succeed

Dream to be a better person and if you follow that dream you will succeed.

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Come join in our Fundraiser and enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship on our Bus ride to Pennsylvania.

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Come and participate in an event that will be a filled uplifting music and worship !!

Circle of Love Community Events


I am the director and founder of a newly formed organization called Circle of Love Community Outreach. Circle of Love is a neighbourhood based non-profit organization, which serves to meet the growing needs of our community at large. Our focus is to work with children and youth through a variety of programs to provide mentorship and opportunities for community involvement. Our mandate is to empower individuals and families by providing them tools to make positive choices in their everyday life.

My reason for contacting you at this time is that on Saturday September 28th, 2013, Circle of Love Community Outreach will be hosting its launch celebration at Ajax Public Library Main Branch from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. I am requesting your presence at this event in hopes to gain your support.

For more information regarding Circle of Love or the launch celebration, please feel free to contact me at 1-866-242-8866 905 668 4346
Thank you for your consideration of my request, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Rev. Jean Henry

Thoughts on Good Family relations

Thoughts on good Family Relationships